Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Started hacking into the cylinder last night. Took about an hour to get one transfer port semi-done.
And about a half hour to widen out the exhaust port. I plan on doing more work to the exhaust as I want to widen the port. I've been told I can go as wide as 25mm in the cylinder, but I need to measure where the edge of the ring travels in the cylinder.

I also need more Dremel bits...

TIP: Make sure you stuff the cylinder with a rag while doing port work. There were a couple of times where my Dremel slipped and if I hadn't had the rag in place I would have gouged the inner wall of the cylinder.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Here are marks for some of the porting to be done to the cylinder.
I can't widen the transfers quite as much as marked, but I can take out quite a bit. The TCCD kit bulges out on the sides to have enough room for the huge transfer ports.

I can really take out a lot of the material on the exhaust port, but need to be careful to maintain the ramp as that helps draw the charge back in to scavenge the cylinder of fuel.

And here's the mark for cutting the sleeve.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Port job. Matched to a TCCD 50cc kit. Started with a Dremel high speed cutting bit to take out most of the meat. Moved to a slim stone grinding bit to even out the ramp. Next some hand sanding with 180 grit sand paper, and finished off with some 400 grit sand paper to smooth out the finish. 

Results look good.