Thursday, August 27, 2009

Malossi kit RIP

Ciao was running so well last night. With the new Polini clutch spring I was hitting higher RPMs than I ever had before. The entire RPM range was spot on. Until, after a couple of miles of blasting, I took off from a stop. The bike ku-chunked and the belt squealed as the crank completely locked up.

Alas, my first seize ever.

Also, note the double circlips. The imbedded clip is from the other side of the piston. My guess is that it came loose, shot through the cut outs in the piston and got stuck when it hit the cylinder wall. Rad.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Manventure 09

210 miles to Portland with near and dear friends. I'm currently 29 hours away from departure. Tomorrow 4 of us will hit the road, traveling light, on mopeds headed to P-town.
Wednesday, we'll ride 100 miles to Centralia, WA, and stay overnight at a vintage hotel with old hostel-style rooms, a brewery, and movie theater.
Thursday, we'll finish the last 110 and ride into Portland for the sure-to-be-epic Puddle Cutter rally.
Can't wait...