Thursday, August 27, 2009

Malossi kit RIP

Ciao was running so well last night. With the new Polini clutch spring I was hitting higher RPMs than I ever had before. The entire RPM range was spot on. Until, after a couple of miles of blasting, I took off from a stop. The bike ku-chunked and the belt squealed as the crank completely locked up.

Alas, my first seize ever.

Also, note the double circlips. The imbedded clip is from the other side of the piston. My guess is that it came loose, shot through the cut outs in the piston and got stuck when it hit the cylinder wall. Rad.


magnumdash said...

whoa, gnarly!! we (bandits) have been talking about the advantages of internal snap rings over circlips...but even those fail. i think e clips might be the way to go.

seth said...

yeah, i think the problem with the snap rings i had in there was that they didn't fit sungly enough. there isn't a lot of play, but you could stick your finger in there and rotate the clip. they did last about 500 miles, though.

i think i'll be going back to e clips.

Ian T said...

technically not a seize, circlip failure. make sure they are oriented in line with piston travel, ie 12 and 6 for the opening for this type or the 'line' of the 'e'. if they move with your finger though, lining them up won't do much good

Bradley Smith said...

that sucks man. i just found your blog on team nerdspeed's blog. i looked back through your posts, what was your whole setup for your ciao? and where did you get those sweet decals for the side of the tank?

seth said...

hey bradley,

set up is pretty basic:

64cc malossi kit (parmakit on the way after mangling the malossi last week)
10mm top crank
13mm dell carb
malossi airbox
polini top one pipe
polini variator
kinetic cdi
case matched, crank cut, intake bored

hitting low/mid 40s, but enough low end that the bike wants to wheelie.

the decals came from italy ebay. i think i've got an extra set floating around if you're interest.

Graham Motzing said...