Thursday, May 8, 2008

This blog is, more than anything, simply a way for me to document the performance work I do to my Puch Maxi moped. It's been a labor of love since 2005, and I've continued to modify the bike over the past several years. This current incarnation will be to change the bike from a 50cc kitted moped into a stock-modified racer. I'll be testing my tuning mettle in an upcoming race between Puddle Cutters and Mosquito Fleet.

Current set up:

TCCD 50cc kit
Slightly milled hi-comp head
1 head gasket
1 base gasket
15mm Bing w/ 82 jet
Carb needle position set at bottom notch (rich)
K&N-style foam filter
15mm intake
Rito stuffed race crank
Two shoe clutch with orange Paz springs
17 x 41 gearing
Tecno Estoril pipe
BMX 17 tooth freewheel on pedal sid

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