Thursday, June 11, 2009

I need to get to work...

In more ways than one.

I've been staring at this pile of parts on the bench for a couple of weeks now. The plan is to build it up, swap out engines on the Puch, and ride it in Reno. Then swap out the stock engine on the Murray, and have it ready for MoSTP/Portland Rally in August.

Specs are:

Metra 65 kit
70cc high comp head
Rito crank
Original mid-80s three shoe clutch with Paz springs
20mm PHBG with 21mm Intake
Some sort of air filter that will fit in the frame that is yet to be determined.
Stock gearing (probably)
I'm still undecided between another Boss pipe or another Estoril pipe.

And if the the bugs get worked out with the cheap Treats/1977 CDI boxes, I'll throw one of those on, too.

Here's the case match:

Shooting for Saturday to get it done.

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