Monday, June 15, 2009 another man's moped treasure.

This unspeakably heinous mess quite literally (okay not literally) dropped into my lap on Saturday. An abandoned Kinetic moped.

Steph and I were walking to the park the other day and saw this hobo-ped parked on the street with the seat laying on the ground next to it. I though nothing of it, other than to comment on the Mosquito Fleet sticker on the headlight bucket.

Jump forward to Saturday with Tiffany posting a message, from a friend, on Moped Army that the bike was abandoned and that the "M.F. President" should come get it. I walked down the street, grabbed the bike (which was now halfway in a bush, leaned up against a telephone pole), and walked it back to the garage.

Maybe I'll find the owner (it looks stolen), if not I'll strip it for parts (CDI, carb, handlebars, fenders, wheels, etc), and sell/give away the frame.


Let's be honest here, I really hope I don't find the owner. The Kinetic CDI is the only thing holding me back from getting the Ciao (aka Drunker Ciao aka Big Yellow Joint) up and running again, and I could use some of those parts to get the Bravo running to sell for big summer dollars. I'm hoping that by grudgingly trying to locate the owner that karma will smile upon me and let me keep the heap guilt free.

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