Monday, December 20, 2010

For all my dirt bike ninjas

The best thing about Xbox Live is the indie game section. There are some really fun and innovative games out there, and they all cost a buck. The other day I was perusing the new releases, and happened upon a game called Toy Stunt Bike. After one demo play through I was hooked and plunked down my four quarters to own it. It's super addictive gameplay. Think Toy Story meets Excite Bike. The game is gorgeous, and makes me wish I could get a helmet and Evel Knievel costume for my avatar. Now if only there was a moped skin for your stunt bike...

And that was going to be it for the post. I had no intentions of talking about mopeds this week. Which, apparently angered the moped gods. Here's my punishment.

Two weeks ago, leading a Moped Monday ride, we shot down a big hill toward the end of the ride. Somehow I didn't feel the bike seize, but at the next stoplight, the Ciao sputtered out. I thought I was just out of gas. I flipped to reserve, and started the bike again. Only to die a couple of blocks later. I ended up pushing it to the bar we were meeting at.

I had no reason to suspect a seize, so several times over the next ten or so days I tinkered with it, obviously to no avail. Eventually, I nailed it down to a compression issue. I dropping the engine to check for a blown head gasket or blown seal, finding nothing wrong. Bolted everything back on. Bike still wouldn't start. The only thing I hadn't checked was the cylinder and piston.

As you can see the needle bearing failed. Taking the cylinder and piston with it, and leaving bits of metal throughout my case. That's two kits ruined in two weeks (don't ask about the metrakit).

Big pile of fail. Treats will be seeing a big order from me when I get paid.

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Philip Patrie said...

The guy in the video seems to really like his bike at 2:05