Monday, December 27, 2010

Hobbit headz

I plan on running the super-blasty Athena 70cc kit on my Hobbit, but to keep the piston from smacking into the head, you have to re-work the squish band. I haven't really seen too many pics of the process, so I documented what I did to mine.

Used the head gasket to outline.

First couple of passes with a high speed cutting bit on my Dremel.

A little further out, and deeper. An attempt at keeping an even surface.

And the final product after Naz smoothed and polished the surface for me.

I'm missing a pic between three and four to show what it looked like after I got done with a stone grinding bit. The results look decent for doing it free hand with a Dremel.

Hells Satans are going to Sundance with this ridiculous, and barely accurate short film about moped culture in Richmond, VA. Check out the trailer here. Directed by the producer from MTV's True Life series. Haha. I feel partially responsible for this. This guy initially contacted me about doing an episode of Real Life on Mosquito Fleet. We passed on it, and I got him in contact with a few other Moped Army branches. That short film is the result. It doesn't surprise me since Real Life is nothing, but retarded drama anyway. Hope the Satans have fun at the film festival.

I've always preferred this version of Hells Satans.

A rad crew, for sure. I'm hoping to get back to their rally in 2012.


Ian T said...

you have a steady hand with that dremel

seth said...

thanks, ian. i've cut down on the coffee.

-T said...

Yeah. I tried to do that once and it looked raunchy. Yours is nice. I thought this was going to be about the cool new heads Benji posted up. You see those? They look sweet. A good sealed head is key in Hobbit land, I have found.

seth said...

yeah, those new hobbit heads are sweet, but they lack the decomp, which i'd like to keep. plus, i just wanted to try something i hadn't done before, and maybe save a little money in the process.