Monday, January 31, 2011

I am a splicer killer

I was going to make a decent post this week, but my Sunday was utterly consumed by Bioshock 2. I had plans of working on mopeds, taking a bicycle ride, and going to the grocery store, but none of that happened. I sat down at 10am for a short gaming session and next thing I knew it was 7pm.

And now all I can do is think about the sequel that's forthcoming.

Edit: If you haven't bought this game, it's on sale right now at Amazon for $13.99.


Ian T said...

nice work sir. i've been working my way back through Resident Evil 4 (wii) lately, still so much fun!

spookytunee said...

oh my lord. bioshock infinite!!!!! and portal 2!!!!! WHY ARE WE STILL WAITING?!