Monday, January 17, 2011

Rear-facing zombie phonebooks

Not too much to talk about this week. I have two running bikes again with two brand spankin' new kits installed. The Ciao has another DR kit, and the Maxi has another Metra 65.

After cracking the old Puch intake,

I was trying to figure out how to use another 19mm intake I had laying around. Rear-facing didn't seem like it would work, but after a little case-grinding, moving my CDI electronics, and a new air filter (bought with my Treat Tacos); it's tight, but I got it all to work.

It's not ideally the way I'd like it set up, because it makes rejetting more difficult than before, so if anyone knows where to get one of the above "Scooter Parts" intakes, I'd be grateful.

There's been a lot of talk about the Walking Dead recently. Not just because of the new semi-decent AMC series, but it seems like everyone is zombie-crazy these days, not just geeks like me.

If anyone had a hankering to check out the comic book series, this is the easiest way to get into it.

The compendium reprints the first 48 issues/first 8 trade paperbacks. (Don't call them graphic novels. Graphic novels are originally published, longer format stories self-contained in one published volume. Trade paperbacks collect story arcs of single issue comics in a reprinted format. There's your geek lesson of the day.) It's over a thousand pages and is a heavy volume. Look how thick this thing is. It's like a phone book.

High quality glossy pages, and it's a solid read. It contains the first major arc of the story, and is more than half the length of the series thus far. I picked up mine on Amazon for about $35. Well worth the cash.


Ian T said...

tree killer

Philip Patrie said...

The trick for rejetting with that intake is to pull the whole intake off, it will come straight up with the carb angled a bit. I used it on my Metra65 and loved it. P.S. Where did you get your metra65?

seth said...

yeah. i thought about pulling off the whole intake, too. just a pain in the ass. i liked the old intake. everything was in the open. all i had to do was loosen the bolt on the float bowl to swap the jet.

metra came from treats.

trinibambini said...

The one thing I don't like about compendium works is that I've found the spines to be fairly delicate. This might not be all compendiums or omnibus materials. I shouldn't generalize too much. However, I've found that sometimes after one or two reads the spine is already shot. I'm one of those rare people who hardly crack a spine when I read a book. No dog-eared pages for me! However, compendiums are awesome at giving the reader lots of story if you are behind in a series, and if money is an issue they do save in that department as well. Plus it saves a lot of storage! One giant phonebook instead of a but tone of single issues, assuming one could find or afford the first issues at all. :)

seth said...

the spine is actually pretty sturdy. i read it on my lunch breaks over the course of a few weeks, and the spine shows no wear or cracks.