Monday, June 20, 2011

Warmachine Con

This weekend my friend Dan and I attended Lock & Load Fest, the first Warmachine con in the country. Warmachine is a Seattle-produced miniatures game that's seen a huge boost in popularity in the past few years. Free from any of that pesky role-playing, it's boiled down to just skirmishing where you smash armies against each other, in an attempt to kill the opposing unit leader. Think of it like chess, but with magic-wielding casters and steampunk robots.

Yeah, its probably more nerdy than D&D. I started playing a few months ago
, and its been mildly addictive.

The best part of the con was getting to play on some amazing custom terrain in the free play area. Dan and I battled each other in a snowy village, and in a mineshaft.

A few other tables.

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